Prior to branching out on his own in 1998 to start Olympus Building Services, Anthony C. Hipple had long been exposed to the facility maintenance industry.  When he was a teenager, Anthony started in the industrial cleaning business working for his father who had a contract with a nearby government facility.  Following college, Anthony went to work full-time for his father learning all aspects of the business including cleaning out in the field to doing the accounting and sales back at the office. Early on, he gained invaluable knowledge of working with, and bidding contracts for federal, state and local government agencies.

When Anthony started his own company, he began providing custodial services exclusively to the federal government in many prominent and highly secure facility locations throughout the United States including the Pentagon Command Center, Library of Congress among others. Additionally, Olympus began servicing many large military installations with typical sites each having in excess of 150 buildings and over 2 million square feet. While providing custodial services for 455 buildings at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, Anthony created the quality control and scheduling methodology to coordinate the large number of tasks required by the contractual agreement. In 2006, Olympus started providing custodial services to the commercial industry winning contracts for higher education facilities and K-12 military educational facilities.

Over the years, Olympus has been successful in securing a variety of contracts for high profile and extremely sensitive work environments due to the creation of the simple to administer; yet comprehensive monitoring system for providing quality schedules. The Olympus scheduling system along with our dedication to efficient communication are key our success and to assuring that both our customers and employees are aware of at all times what areas are being cleaned as well as when they are being cleaned.

We rely on this formula for success today.  With the continual integration of technology to help speed communication and improve operations, we work to ensure Olympus employees have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities is crucial to our being able to deliver to our clients consistent, superior service at a competitive rate that exceeds all expectations. This philosophy has proven itself time after time, resulting in contract renewals with more than 95% of our clients.