At Olympus, we take the safety of our employees and customers seriously. Before introducing our staff to the work site, prospective employees are screened under a seven-step recruiting and background screening process. Once cleared and brought on board, each newly hired employee participates in a comprehensive safety training and orientation class. From there, Olympus management continues to train and re-train employees on a regular basis on a wide range of topics including ergonomic cleaning techniques, proper lifting positions, slip, trip and fall safety, as well as wearing of personal protective equipment and safe chemical handling.

Olympus also implements its proven key control program so we know where all our people are at any given moment.  We also take the necessary precautions to ensure safety signs are used when required, and high impact floor work is done during off-hours. Olympus has also been awarded a Top Secret Facilities Security Clearance to work in some of the most highly sensitive areas in the nation.

This precision approach to safety has helped us keep injuries to a minimum and our workforce mobile and motivated.