Reliable and Trustworthy Partner

Outsourcing facility maintenance services is proven to lower costs, reduce risks and improve efficiency. With a recognized reputation for excellence and reliability in custodial and janitorial services for large facilities, Olympus delivers exceptional service, lower maintenance costs, and cleaner facilities by investing in employees and improving communication through the use of smart technology. Our tested and proven systems of manpower scheduling, service call tracking, periodic calendaring, CAD building diagramming, Quality Control programming and detailed communication and reporting all lead to one thing: Customer Satisfaction.

What differentiates Olympus in the facility maintenance marketplace?

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  • + Best-in-Class Service Platform with Proven Processes For Cleaner Buildings
    At any given moment, we have access to what tasks need to be completed and where employees should be at all times. Automated processes used in this ‘second to none’ platform that help to save you money and reduce risk includes the time-work master schedule, individual schedule, floor plan schedule, periodic cleaning report and service call plan.
  • + Customer Communication Program
    Relationship building through effective communication is a key to our success. Using smart technology, we keep you informed with daily, automated quality control notifications and service call logs. Face-to-face meetings are performed regularly to ensure you’re satisfied with the maintenance of your facility. Olympus also conducts weekly meetings between our project managers and your facility managers as well as monthly meetings with supervisors and quarterly meetings with Olympus’ CEO. We’re committed to ensuring customer expectations are met.
  • + Third-Party Facility Inspection
    Olympus conducts, on its own accord, annual follow-up facility inspections with an independent third-party company to monitor how our cleaning procedures have improved the cleanliness of your facility.
  • + Web-based Janitorial Quality Assurance Program
    Olympus employs a web-based quality control system to ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and performance standards. The state-of-the art inspection system offers up-to-the-minute details on where employees are, work completed and provides inspection results that any authorized user can access for valuable information including Quality Inspection, Deficiency and Trend Analysis reports.
  • + Comprehensive Reporting Website
    Customer facility data is stored on our secure server for fast access to usable metrics. Reports can be viewed or printed using your own custom website. Communication is made easy with a built-in message board. Our reporting system is based on building walkthroughs and measuring the percentage of items cleaned. Results are analyzed month over month to show trends on how our cleaning actions are affecting the cleanliness of the facility. This real-time data can be accessed at anytime.
  • + Use of Smart Technology
    Using smartphone and tablet technology enhances efficiency and improves the quality and timeliness of our services. To ensure compliance to contract specifications, we thoroughly check each facility for cleaning quality because each cleaning task is configured to your facilities’ exact specifications using CAD diagrams. We even load your locations, building names and area types into our smart pads, which offers a thorough and efficient inspection of areas every time our Quality Control Managers perform a check.
  • + Excellent Employee Training and Safety Programs
    Olympus understands that qualified and experienced workers are crucial to performing superior facility maintenance services. Our employees are required to complete comprehensive training and re-training programs with added emphasis on physical and materials safety so we deliver to you the utmost in customer service.
  • + Driver of Green Clean Initiatives
    We provide you with a healthy, comfortable environment by using the latest innovative green cleaning equipment, including ec-H20 technology, and cleaning supplies that comply with Green Seal Products Standards. We also conduct indoor air quality checks to minimize airborne allergens. We’re proud to help establish inaugural Green Clean programs at prestigious U.S. facilities including Arizona State University’s Gold and Platinum LEED Certified BioDesign Institute. Always seeking ways to help the environment, we also host at Arizona State University, for example, a recycling program on dormitory move-in weekend.