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What Are Customers Are Saying

Olympus customers nationwide have relied on our facility maintenance expertise to maintain cleaner, safer facilities.
Here are just a few of their remarks:

“Olympus partners with us to achieve our mission to provide an academic environment that promotes the educational mission of universities. They meet our high expectations about how our place looks in both our educational space and residence halls. Our space is always clean and pleasant to be in.”
Arizona State University Tempe Campus
“The Olympus staff went out of their way to ensure that the transition was as painless as could be. One of the strengths we have noticed was that their management team strives to make sure that the work is being accomplished as per their schedule. Their management is willing to listen and makes any corrections very quickly.”
El Paso Community College
“Olympus does a good service, and I think it would be good for other educational institutions to look at Olympus if they are thinking about subbing out their janitorial services.”
Ursinus College
“What has impressed me most about working with Olympus is two items; the corporate support provided to the operational team on the ground and the transparency with which Olympus shares its information, I find both to be very refreshing and feel as if we have found a good partner in Olympus.”
Eastern Virginia Medical School
“I was impressed with Olympus from the very beginning. They had brand new equipment, excellent training for their employees, and they looked professional. They came to campus and focused on the work that needed to be accomplished.”
California State University San Marcos
“Wow! I’m sure the folks in the building will be all smiles and better prepared to receive the University’s President and VIP’s tomorrow. Please extend my appreciation to your team members. As indicated, I’ll send in a team tonight to confirm the building looks as it does below. Thank you for your efforts,”
University of Nevada Reno