We know higher education, because it’s our only focus.

What Sets Olympus Aside from Other Janitorial Service

What Sets Olympus Aside from Other Janitorial Service

Olympus Building Services, Inc. is a leader in janitorial services for higher education across the country. We understand the challenges that education facilities face when maintaining clean and properly disinfected buildings to ensure safety.

We are also the only janitorial service that exclusively works on higher education institutions.

In this post, we look at some of the key factors that set Olympus Building Services apart from the other janitorial services.

The Olympus Difference

Unlike other janitorial companies across the country, Olympus Building Services focuses solely on higher education facilities.

We have built a solid reputation over the years as a janitorial company that delivers world-class services to some of the largest higher education institutions with multiple campuses across the country.

Our major areas of specialization include comprehensive janitorial services, university facilities cleaning, disinfection and maintenance, green cleaning, snow removal, grounds maintenance, and maintenance of the facility’s immediate environment.

All our cleaning and decontamination processes follow the guidelines and protocols laid down by the CDC and EPA. We also understand that every higher education facility is unique in its own way which is why we focus on providing customized cleaning and disinfection strategies for each client.

We don’t use cookie-cutter janitorial solutions for all clients. Our goal is to always ensure that clients receive the highest standards of janitorial services to maximize each facility’s health and safety without interrupting the learning process.

At Olympus Building Services we understand the importance of maintaining a clean environment in higher education institutions. Universities and other institutes of higher education are often crowded places with potentially germy or virus-infected surfaces.

A large number of students, faculty members, and staff provide an opportunity for harmful bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus to spread faster throughout the lecture halls, hallways, offices, and bathrooms.

Our highly trained and professional cleaning and disinfection specialists have all the requisite knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to keep high-traffic and high-touch areas within the premises clean and healthy for your students and staff. We also understand the importance of cleanliness in maintaining a positive image for your higher education institution.

Clean hallways, lecture halls, and overall environment show a high level of professionalism and potential in a college or university.

Today, no parent would risk sending their children to a college or university with visible signs of poor sanitation, especially in the seemingly never-ending threat of contracting the COVID-19 disease.

Why Choose Olympus Building Services Over the Rest?

There are many reasons why Olympus Building Services stands out from the other janitorial services.

First of all, as previously mentioned, we specialize in providing janitorial services for higher education facilities. This focused approach means that we understand all the cleaning challenges faced by most universities and colleges and are therefore best placed to offer the right solutions.

The trained and courteous staff at Olympus is committed to maintaining your facility’s reputation. We treat clients as a major part of our business because their success means more work for us too.

At Olympus, we have mastered the flexibility, management, and operational approaches needed to keep highly trafficked areas of your education facility clean 24/7 without causing any interference to the learning process. We understand what it takes to work seamlessly around students and staff with the least possible interruption.

We can even accommodate special cleaning arrangements day or night to help you maintain your institution’s schedule. Unlike other commercial janitorial services, we prioritize your unique needs and respect the education experience of your students.

Here are a few more reasons why Olympus Building Services is your go-to company for higher education janitorial services:

  • Dedicated Experts On-Site Throughout

    To ensure that all your cleaning needs are met, we have a dedicated team of experts including project managers, supervisors, and quality control specialists on-site at all times.

    Our cleaning and disinfection procedures and methodologies demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients.

  • Data-Driven Janitorial Company

    We are a data-driven company with detailed reporting and quarterly reviews. You can easily monitor our daily and long-term performance and gain an insight into our performance from our website.

    The goal is to ensure that we not only deliver exceptional performance but keep improving our services over time.

  • Green Cleaning Solutions

    Olympus uses green products including cleaning and disinfection solutions that are recommended by EPA and approved by the CDC.

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

    The result of any job is as good as the tools used.

    At Olympus, we are constantly buying and updating our cleaning and disinfection equipment for every new site including vehicles, carpet cleaning machines, and auto-scrubbers to ensure that our clients get the best possible services.


As a leading provider of higher education janitorial services, we are fully committed to delivering exceptional service, reducing your operational costs, and maintaining the clean reputation of your institution.

That’s what makes us different from other commercial janitorial companies.