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What to Look for in a College Campus Cleaning Company

What to Look for in a College Campus Cleaning Company. How to choose!

Now more than ever, a clean and sanitized environment is an absolute necessity for any higher learning institution. Higher education facilities can particularly pose a formidable health challenge if not maintained properly by a professional janitorial service provider. 

First and foremost, cleaning in any facility must be performed regularly to maintain the needed cleanliness. As such, any company offering janitorial services for colleges must be adequately equipped and highly organized to perform their role satisfactorily. 

In this article, you will discuss the qualities to consider before you hire a janitorial service for your learning institution. There are several fundamental questions that can guide you in your decision-making process. 

Janitorial Service for Colleges

For instance, you must ask:

-How long has the janitorial company operated?

-How do they find and vet new employees?

-Do they have an established environmental policy?

-Do they provide reasonable and accurate pricing information?

-Do they have customer testimonials?

There are, however, three broad features you must check for in a college campus cleaning company:

Specialized Equipment, Sanitation, and Cleaning Supplies. 

Not all janitorial companies are created equal. When cleaning higher education facilities choosing a properly equipped company that uses effective and safe cleaning products is vital.

Great companies will be equipped with high-quality cleaning machines, brooms, mops, detergents, and other cleaning products that will cause no damage to the institutions they are cleaning.

Qualified and Friendly Staff

When your janitorial service has a great staff that does great work, the process will run very smoothly. In addition, janitorial services usually will have interactions with the staff in the buildings, so having the ability to build a rapport between both parties is important.  

Consider only a company that conducts a proper background check for all their employees. The staff should display admirable levels of tolerance, friendliness, and courtesy to everyone. 

The employees of the college cleaning company must also adhere to professional ethics and respect rights to property.

Flexible Working Schedule

College Institutions are run under a tight and busy schedule. This creates certain difficulties for some janitors. Sometimes, a university has to restructure its schedule and allocate irregular cleaning time. 

A good company must be open to accommodate such challenges and be ready to deliver the best services even at odd times. 

This mutual agreement between the college cleaning company and the school administration is crucial to make the cleaning process beneficial and accident-free.


Consider these factors when choosing a company. Olympus Building Services offers impeccable cleaning services and checks all of these boxes. 

Using only state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers and carpet cleaning ride-on machines, Olympus delivers professional and hygienic learning spaces in institutions of higher education. 

All this is made possible by a team of competent workflow staff, on-site supervisors, and quality control specialists.

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